Zber, LLC

Zber, LLC
73 Road 2ABN
Cody WY
Booth: 534


Company Description:

Zber is a fun new outdoor game, invented in Cody, WY. Up to six people of all ages and abilities can participate, which makes it a great game for families. It can be played during daylight hours but gets even more fun after the sun goes down! Every game can be different because the self-supporting target poles can be set up on any surface – grass, sand, snow, asphalt, etc. You get to “Set Your Own Course” as often as you like. It can be varied to fit the amount of time you have, the ability levels of the disc-throwers, and the available space. The game is structured to allow all players to move through the course together - no one gets stuck behind. To see Zber in action, check out, Facebook or You Tube. We have kept all shipping operations in Cody, WY and pride ourselves in caring, conscientious customer service.

Show Specials:

Zber can be purchased for $149 at (and also on Amazon and During the Deseret News Home Show, customers can buy a game for just $129.00. This includes six discs, five poles,good quality Energizer batteries and a carryi

New Products

Zber IS our new product. Patents and our trademark were awarded in late 2019.

Certifications & Awards

Zber LLC is a member of The Toy Association, Inc.

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